The chief trader authorized industry hands in this not be completely reclaiming market, Zhang Lihua is a brave soldier. Wen Qu Lin Zhang Lihua’s business is brand authorization management, tens of millions of assets of the network popular animation image Ali is her new customers. The beginning of the end of 2012 after cooperation, she immediately put before all the overthrow of the original product strategy, those who enter the circulation channel of pillow and sheets and the like, so low low en

in 2014, the global market size of $25000000000 Mobile Games mobile game, game player number up to 1500000000; and the China game industry production total operating income reached 152000000000 yuan, an increase of 29000000000 yuan more than 123000000000 yuan in 2013. Behind another game company successfully listed in the game industry, in the mobile Internet to promote the value of mining. game as the main model of the Internet, has always been an important cash channel major Internet companies

lead: according to incomplete statistics, after March 1, there are nearly 50 sites to stop selling lottery tickets. In 2014, the Internet lottery sales amounted to 85000000000 yuan, the total Commission lottery site or over 9000000000 yuan. 3 month 1 days, Xu Bo’s worried that things finally happened. Xu Bo is a Germany won the Beijing Powerise network science and technology limited company’s executive vice president, is also one of the shareholders of the company. In 2014, he and his partner wi

America MIT MIT gifted students and famous invention, you my life tomorrow may turn the world upside down Alibaba 2019 ecommerce Rhapsody Ma Canton fair speech: do not do ecommerce, five years later you will regret it. insiders said: as long as there is Taobao, a single brush. A simple truth, if both have the same goods shop, the price difference is not big, one of thousands of sales, continue to praise, sold another home only a few, only a handful of evaluation, the customer will be how to choo

Introduction: love space won the 60000000 yuan A round of financing, the use of its own workers, refused to subcontract standard industrial workers work style, to create a full transparent Jiezhuang concept. At present, is combined with millet life plans renovation. 2 month 2 days afternoon, loving space Internet Jiezhuang experience Museum held a theme of together 2 love down Strategy Conference, and officially announced love space A round of financing 60000000 yuan, a capital investment led, a

Ma had a dream to buy a luxury hotel. This is not a dream today, Alibaba group and has built his own hotel in Xixi park. But things are not so simple, the hotel has not yet opened, Ali travel? Yes and 5500 hotels across the country began to close. recently, Ali officially released to travel ah? Avenir Hotel strategy: the hotel industry to build a future oriented, credit system based on service experience, will share the huge user resources and partners, with the method of innovation to promote t

Introduction: before the start, highland work in twentyfirst Century economic report for many years, a veteran reporter for automobile. Later moved to the Internet, as Tencent auto channel associate editor, phoenix new media, news network CEO Auto Center Director and other staff. users always want to know baby carts network expert car leaving a few hands who on earth, this is not only because the car to stay a few hands spicy car evaluation target, but also with the nature of good work related t

lead: distance project online and one and a half years registered trademark, Is it right? Quite forwardlooking? But the flaw in the plan, this not, intellectual class network in the trademark on a problem. Yu Zecheng is a product of the beacon of war, know the layout in this era, good layout, talent emerge in an endless stream. Set the trap, the patience to hide, until Jun into the urn, knife blade, and later, leaving no traces of blood. Therefore, enterprises in the work to be more cautious fin

Since the June 17th hearing and hexun base feeling world cup activities officially launched in June 12th, had 15000 visitors attended the user virtual soccer gambling, and in June 17th 17:00, fifth day of the activity, is expected to have more than six into the gambler lost all bottom. Here the organizers must solemnly remind all watching the ball does not see the ball, friends: soccer gambling risk, don’t really play! gamble: five days into a super six game player lose And according to the base

10 month 2324 day

10 month 2324 day, sponsored by the 2014 Shanghai Airui Marketing Summit held in the Kerry Hotel Pudong. As Ereli annual summit of the third stations, 2014 Shanghai iResearch Internet Marketing Summit a continuation of the previous Beijing, Shenzhen two summit defensive moves. Integration and innovation theme, with marketing as the breakthrough point, many in the industry heavyweight guests invited to share marketing case and experience, to explore the reform and innovation of the Internet marke

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